Friday, December 16, 2011

First Blog

Hi!This my first post on my blog and this is so silly....I'm nervous, I feel like I should have some training wheels on or something! Ok, breathe we go :)

Usually, I don't go to bed this late...but,no matter what, I do this every night before I go to bed and that is take off my make up. Plain and keeps your skin healthy. When we talk about aging gracefully, we gotta do this. When I was younger I just used Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil cream, (it used to be so simple!)But now I incorporate a retinoid and a skin lightener. The retinoid I use is prescribed by my dermatologist, it's called Adapalene cream 0.1% the skin lightener is from my derm as well, it has Hydroquinone 8% in it. I'll talk about that more in another blog... There are several good retinoids OTC, so don't think you have to go to the derm!! The reason I use the skin lightener is because as we age, our skin changes (obviously) and so on this part of my journey, I got hyper pigmentation (lucky me). Now, I gotta warn you...when using these products you really need to use a sunscreen at least a 35, actually, even if you don't use these products, USE SUNSCREEN!!!

Well, fell asleep in between the start and finish....gonna get a little cardio in before I start my day!!

Let me know what your thoughts are, what products you use....let's figure some of this out together!! I'm excited...


  1. I think you will make a great blogger.. but what I wanna know, is are you really Rissroses mom!? You guys look like sisters!

  2. I'm your daughter's subscriber. That's why I am here. I'm excited, can't wait for more posts here! I'm so into healthy living, taking care of myself and staying positive! And you look amazing! I'd say that you are maybe 30, not 49 :) Good luck! ;)

  3. Yay!! I got inspired just reading your bio....I'm excited to read your upcoming blogs!

    I'm not 50 yet, only 26, but I feel motivated to get up do something positive!

    I always believed age is nothing, but a has everything to do with your outlook on life!

    @Rissrose, you both look so much like sisters!

  4. You look nothing like 49. You look like a 39 or something. You are just gorgeous!
    I'm only 24, but I would love to read your upcoming blog posts. Aging with grace and beauty is not something everyone can do, but I think you did that very well :)


  5. @DeeDee, Thank you!! and yes I kknow!! LOL

  6. @RissRose2, Thanks so much! Ya know, about being RissRoses mom...sometimes I think she's the mom! LOL! I love you Princess xo

    @Agata, DeeDeeG73, and Tamyr.....Thank you for your positive feedback!! It's the only way we, as humans and strong women, can grow!! It's exciting learning from each other!! So I say "CHEERS!" (raising up my water bottle) lets have fun :) xo